Hey, I’m Rae, and I started the bright eats blog just a few months ago, in my last semester as a Troy University student athlete. I hope to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in the next 3 years, and this blog is my first real stab at sharing my passion for and thoughts on a healthy lifestyle with others. I aim to post 1-2x per week here, and you can expect content about yummy food, developing and maintaining an uplifted mindset towards life and health, and how to be the best you possible with the help of a really great balanced diet.

“Bright eats” is based on the idea that there are no universal rights or wrongs in nutrition.  A balanced approach to eating well can help us to relax our mind, loosen our grip, and allow food to provide the nourishment and refreshment it was always meant to provide. When we take on the mindset of treating our bodies well in all regards, they will work best for us. We treat ourselves well by choosing foods, portions, and amounts that contribute to our total wellness – body, soul, and mind. Viewed as a place for success rather than failure, nutrition can become a wonderful tool to make our lives more vibrant.


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