What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

Here’s a glimpse into my diet on a regular old Wednesday 😊

I borrowed this title idea from one of my personal favorite blogs, “Hummusapien.” I always find it SO interesting to see/hear what other people eat during the course of a normal day. I was destined to be a dietitian (haha). But… I think a lot of other people find it interesting as well. Everyone eats – and it’s normal to wonder how other people’s habits compare to ours. We can often take some inspiration from others’ meals, and also be reassured by the fact that virtually no one eats “perfect.” Yes, if we’re aiming for health, we want to make a conscious effort to choose the most beneficial foods we can, but a healthy diet can be more flexible than we sometimes imagine.

I started off this Wednesday with a quick yoga session and a bottle of water, and then jumped on over to my little kitchen to make some breakfast. I was feeling pretty energetic, and on those kinds of mornings, you’ll see a fancy bfast like these Avocado Coconut Flour Pancakes.


If you’re interested in making some of these, I’d recommend searching Pinterest for a recipe that fits best with the ingredients you have/want to use – there are a ton of creative pancake recipes out there. I basically blended up 1/4 of an avocado, 1/3 cup coconut flour, an egg, half a banana, a small handful of spinach, a little almond milk, and a drizzle of honey in my trusty Ninja. Then I cooked 3 blobs of the batter it in my skillet with just a little olive oil, and sprinkled some mini semisweet chocolate chips on top before flipping.

avo-cakes cooking

I drizzled my cute little cakes with some of my Coconut Manna (a brand of coconut butter, which is like coconut oil, but includes the flesh of the coconut and not just the oil). This was my one special purchase from when I visited EarthFare in Auburn, which is similar to Whole Foods. Anyway, I LOVE it – it’s sweet, creamy, and almost tastes like icing (but is waaaaay more natural)! And of course, I had some coffee – cold brew with a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I know… seriously blessed.

For lunch @ work (my internship with Auburn Sports Nutrition), I packed some things that are easy to eat while working – pita with a serving of cashew butter, a sliced gala apple, baby carrots, and some Triscuit thin crisps. And, a strawberry lemonade vitamin water because, yum, and my family left it in my fridge! 😘 I didn’t finish all my cashew butter, but instead had a couple bites of a cookie that the weights coach brought us, and tasted a smidge of my energy bite mix to make sure I had the flavor right. Work perks >>>.

Speaking of my energy bites… we make them a lot for the athletes at Auburn, and I’ve had a few requests for recipes. Since I made these up myself, I’d love to share the with y’all. Keep in mind, these are not low-calorie (especially if you’re eating them alone), but the bites are small and they’re a more natural alternative to candy/ sweets!

Trail Mix Energy Bites πŸ‚ –

Pulse 1/2c oats in a blender on high speed to make oat flour. Mix in 3/4 cup peanut butter, 3 tbsp PB2, one large handful dried cranberries, one handful of crushed mixed nuts, and 5 large yogurt-covered pretzels. Using a glove or clean, flour-dusted hands, roll mix into heaped-tablespoon size balls. Refrigerate, or enjoy!

Cocoa-Coconut Nutella Bites 🌴 –

Same deal, using the same amount of oat flour, 1/2c nutella, and one handful of coconut flakes. Form into balls, then roll in cocoa powder, shaking off the excess. Refrigerate or enjoy!

Having a job with food around is a blessing and a curse – you get treats sometimes, but if you don’t come prepared with some good fuel to hold you over, all the food around will drive you crazy and you’ll be grumpy! Not fun. There are actually psychological studies that show that we respond more kindly to others when we are physically fueled. Getting hungry happens at any job, food around or not – but it’s always possible to show up prepared. No need to eat every second, because there’s a certain amount of hunger that will drive us to keep working (don’t want to feel like a full slug!), but you don’t want to be foolish and unprepared, either. 

Oh, and if you’re interested in my habits, you should know… I drink a LOT of water! I’ve found it to be crucial to my energy levels, attitude, and productivity. By 2pm when I go home, if I’m feeling good, I’ve drank at least 4-5 bottles (I’m a heavy drinker, lol).

So I’m always hungry when I get home… today I had a few more sips of cold brew coffee, lots of water, and baby carrots with a little blue cheese greek yogurt dressing.

Then, I finally decided it was safe to venture out to the store (it’s stormed every afternoon lately!) Here’s my haul – and a couple of these items will be used for some secretive baking 😊 If you’re my Type II diabetic family member, you might be able to figure out what that Splenda’s for πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Best thing I bought 😍 Minion paper towels!!
Silk soy and almond milk (sale πŸ˜„), yogurt, blueberries, cherries πŸ’ & some misc.!

Then, around 6pm, I enjoyed my leftovers from last night’s dinner! It can be so nice to cook double ahead of time! Tuesday night’s picture was much more aesthetically pleasing, so here’s my oat-coated chicken tenders & oven-baked fries!

Tuesday, I cooked this dinner to satisfy a major ketchup craving! If you know me, I didn’t eat ketchup until this year… I’ve always been a mustard gal… but taste buds can change! Anyway, tonight I continued working on finishing this avocado I had, and used it to make a guacamole dip! I mixed 2 parts ripe avocado with 1 part Fage plain 0% Greek yogurt πŸ₯‘ (and a little salt) and it was BOMB!

That’s it for my night πŸ˜„ Oh yeah, except…

A little Arctic Zero mint chocolate! I couldn’t resist this at the store, I’ve been wanting to try it for a while! 35 cal for 1/2 cup serving of ice cream, and a decent ingredient list… do y’all realize this has better macros than Greek yogurt?!

Consensus – perfect for when you just wanna dig into something!! However, halotop is much creamier. I also expected it to be green, so that was different πŸ˜„ All in all, though, a bit of this was a nice way to finish the night!

Bet you didn’t expect fries, chicken fingers, chocolate chip pancakes, or chocolate ice cream to make my post, did you? Gotta keep people on their toes. #allfoodsfit

Love you guys – stay healthy, & stay bright! And hey – make choices you’re proud of, and own them. Don’t worry about what others think!



2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. One question–in your energy balls recipe what is PB2? I thought peanut butter but you had already used peanut butter as an ingredient. Glad you’re enjoying your training so much. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. PB2 is powdered peanut butter, its high in protein and it enhances the flavor 😊 Thanks, I love what I do! 😊


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