Love Day & Love Tea

Love Day & Love Tea

Valentine’s Day is absolutely one of my favorite holidays. It’s right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving, and I love it because it has all my favorite things…

#1: Love

#2: Pink

#3: Pretty things like flowers & jewelry

#4: Yummy treats

I know this day isn’t supposed to be fun for single girls – who do we have to celebrate? Ironically, I love Valentine’s just as much when I’m not dating someone. Maybe more. It’s a great chance to consider the love we have in our lives and cultivate more. My family means so much to me, and I can’t wait to see and celebrate with them this weekend! My friends are really amazing too, and it was so nice to spend my senior Valentine’s Day in Troy with them.

This year I felt really spirited and wanted to make some valentines for my girls’ team. I’ve recently been crazy about the Pukka “love” tea that I got from my first trip to Publix. I decided buy another box and make these somewhat “grown-up” Valentine’s cards!

And of course, I had to drink some myself while I was working on these!

Pukka love tea hot chamomile rose

This tea is a blend of organic rose, chamomile, and lavender. It’s caffeine free and ethically -sourced, so it shows some love to you, and the earth. Hot tea is great for calming nerves and relaxing the mind, and it’s also a great alternative to sugar-filled drinks. Even if you add a tablespoon of honey or a dash of cream, it’s still a great, light, waistline-friendly choice.

I just tied each bag with some pink tulle and cut heart-shaped pink notes to slide in the back. They read “You are beau-tea-ful!” (Caption credits: Mikayla Hodges)

The girls thought these were really cute, and they loved the tea too. It’s easy to get into a rut of thinking that every holiday has to be about sweets and candy. They have their place, but come on – we can have fun and be sweet without chocolate.

Check out my Valentine’s breakfast!

egg toast valentine breakfast healthy
Open-faced egg sandwich on whole grain heart-shaped bread, topped with strawberry all-fruit spread.

This was soooo good with a cup of hazelnut coffee with coconut-milk creamer (in my smiley mug, of course)!

I hope your Valentine’s Day was beautiful – and remember, fresh and healthy can be just as delicious as rich and decadent. I make room for a little of both.

Stay lovely!




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