Why I heart Publix

Why I heart Publix

When Publix came to Troy, Alabama, my friends and I were absolutely not missing the grand opening at 8 a.m. I thought it was just because we’re hungry runners, but it turns out the rest of the student population at Troy loves it too. Not only are they a “healthier” grocery chain, but they assure that their stores are super pleasant to shop at.

You can easily spot the difference between Wal-Mart and Publix. It’s the vibe of the place as much as it is the contents. The employees at Publix seem enthusiastic to be at work, knowledgeable about products, and happy to help you with coupons. I’ve heard that Publix pays well, and it must be true, because everyone there genuinely seems to want to be there.


Being one of the first 1000 customers (not hard to do in Troy) earned us free insulated Publix totes to shop with, and first dibs on free samples. We didn’t do too much of that since we went before practice, but it’s still nice to be offered things! We were also assisted with products on nearly EVERY aisle that first day. A man stationed in the bread area overheard me squealing about my favorite bread, and said it was his favorite as well! (Shout out to Dave’s Killer Bread. Will be featured in an upcoming post!)

Upon departure we were given carnations and a loaf of artisan bread. FREE BREAD?! Who does that?!


And let’s talk about the coupon app. Publix coupon app ROCKS because it lets you save deals to your phone number, and type your number in at the checkout to redeem them. They call it “clipping coupons,” but there are no scissors required! It’s great because there are BOGOs (Hope Hummus) and deals on essentials like toilet paper all the time, and you even get the discount if you don’t buy the amount specified. For example, raspberries were discounted $2 for 3 packages, but I only bought 1, and still got the fractional discount off of that one. Shouldn’t all deals be that way?!

Fave brands at Publix you should be on the lookout for:

  • Noosa yogurt (THE COCONUT, OMG)
  • Califia farms almond milk
  • Pukka “love” tea
  • Dave’s killer bread

More to come… because you know I’ll keep shopping!

Be blessed,



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